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ProTec International is a fuel additives manufacturer serving the petroleum industry. Through its research and development facilities our company has directed its resources to solving problems encountered by crude oil producers and refiners helping them to improve production and produce cleaner fuels.

ProTec thrives in developing new generation of superior products designed to achieve more stringent fuel specifications and meet environmental challenges. Our company offers a viable alternative to products that are banned or being phased-out and others that are considered dangerous.

Our technologies are designed to improve profitability for refiners and fuel distributors, save money to end-users, and comply with environmental regulations.

Benefits from using our technologies.

Gas & Oil Companies:

Solve wells problems and stimulate production of crude oil.

Reduce heavy crude oil viscosity and turn it into lighter, more workable oil.

Treat slop oil efficiently.

Solve crude oil transportation and storage problems.

Solve pipeline corrosion problems.


Improve the quality of all fuels using our combustion modifiers, antioxidants, metal deactivator, detergents.

Produce high-octane gasoline using our high performance octane boosters and anti-knock additives and fuel components to replace controversial chemicals and high octane gasoline import. 

Effectively clean storage tanks and recover oil that otherwise would be discarded.

Fuel Distributors

Distribute cleaner fuels to help clients meet environmental regulations.

Fuel End-users

Industries and fuel consumers in general benefit from fewer equipment failures and lower maintenance costs, reduced fuel consumption and compliance with stringent environmental regulations.